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TVIH Holiday Social Dec. 17th
3:00-5:30 PM
Register by Dec. 10th.

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Gary Lynn Patty cropped

Why I Joined TVIH

My thanks to the volunteers for responding to my requests.  I'm so grateful and thankful we joined. Not just for the help, but also for the social experiences and being with so many interesting, diverse, and absolutely amazing people.  It makes growing old so much richer in spirit.  We look forward to meeting everyone in time.
~ Gary and Lynn

I felt I had lost touch with my neighborhood and community after working full time.  TVIH provided me with many opportunities to meet, reconnect with what is going on in Howard County and find avenues for volunteering and feeling productive.  TVIH is a very engaged and active group of people who LOVE living in Howard County.  It has made my transition to retirement a breeze.
~ Patty B

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