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What is a Pod?

A group of 6-12 TVIH members who meet regularly and get to know and support each other.

Pod Purpose :

To facilitate friendships. To provide smaller groups within TVIH for easier and richer conversations. To encourage all pod members to interact with TVIH, and to be an information resource on participating in TVIH activities and aging in place in the local area. To help members feel less isolated or lonely.

How do I join a pod?

If you would like to be in a pod, please email the Pod Committee at Let the Pod Committee know if you would like to be in a neighborhood pod, a special interest pod, or create your own pod. The Pod Committee will assist you in creating a pod or joining an existing pod.

Types of pods:

Neighborhood pods are made up of people who live in or near the same neighborhood. Examples: Hickory Ridge, Ellicott City, etc. Special Interest Pods are small groups who have a common interest, or centered on concepts, such as solo aging, outdoor activities, etc. 

 Frequently asked Questions:       For More Information


List of Pods: Pods List